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3840 Hempland Road
Mountville, PA 17554

Phone : 800-901-5647, ext. 6569
Fax : 866-901-1118 (TOLL FREE)
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No Interest Payments During Construction
Call and ask me how to break ground quickly, and how to make it easy and affordable with a "No Interest Payments During Construction" loan from American Log Mortgage.

An exclusive program at American Log Mortgage...We help build your future!

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No Interest Payments During Construction
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"My loan officer was Rob Peterson. He was outstanding throughout the entire process. He was consistently professional, informative and responsive to questions/concerns. Our loan was processed very timely and without any undue stress or concern. I will highly recommend Mr. Peterson to anyone in need of a home loan. Excellent representative. Rob deserves recognition for his professionalism and his customer service. Bravo! "
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