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Phone : 1-800-901-LOGS (5647)
Fax : 717-285-6413
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American Log Mortgage
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No Interest Payments During Construction
Call and ask me how to breakground quickly and how to make it easy and affordable with a "no interest payments during construction" loan from American Log Mortgage.

An exclusive program at American Log Mortgage....we help build your future!

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Fraudulent Builders
No Interest Payments During Construction
No Interest Payments During Construction
How Much Can I Afford?
How Much Can I Afford?
Having trouble funding your log package?
Having Trouble funding your log package?
Missy Hoffer - Loan Officer
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News From Missy
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"Your team effort is very efficient. The experience displayed was commendable; as well as the professionalism. Missy and Jan added a very personable feel and touch to a very formal business atmosphere. Thanks very much for all your help and support. "
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