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- Legal Issues / Building Codes -
How can you be sure your new home will comply with safety and health standards?

A building code sets forth requirements to protect public health, safety and general welfare as they relate to construction and the occupancy of a building.

Building codes have specific requirements for building materials, fire protection, structural design, light and ventilation, heating and cooling, sanitary facilities and energy conservation.

If a builder follows the building code, then your home will meet minimum health, safety and structural integrity standards.

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How do I ensure that I can get clear title to my land?

A real estate attorney or title agent can quickly and easily review property records provide information on liens, easements and deed restriction. Be sure to understand each issue. Title issues can be costly to clear up, so be sure to find out if there are any issues before you buy the land.

If there are too many problems, or it will take too much time to clear them up, consider moving on to another site.

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Who writes the local building code?

Building homes is a complicated process, so building codes are often long and complicated.

To prevent each local jurisdiction from having to develop its own complicated codes from scratch, there are several major model code organizations that draft codes that local areas can adopt.

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log mortgage page graphic
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