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This is the newest and most aggressive interest rate lock program in the market!

Now, you can concentrate on watching your dream home being built, instead of watching interest rates. If interest rates should happen to go down after your rate is locked, you can float down to the lower rate for FREE!!!! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Let us make your home building process fast, easy, and hassle-free! Contact one of our log home lending specialists today at 1-877-226-5242 or prequalify online by clicking on the link below.

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We Specialize In Log Home and Timber Frame Financing for New Construction, Purchases and Refinances.
Our log home and timber frame financing specialists help people like you buy, build, afford, and enjoy the home of their dreams.
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Concerned About Rising Interest Rates? Our New "HomeOne" Program May Be Just What You Need!
The most innovative, aggressive, customer-friendly loan in the market. Offered exclusively by American Log Mortgage!
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American Log Mortgage Announces Innovative Spec and Model Home Financing Program
Call Your American Log Mortgage Lending Specialist Today for Details!
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log mortgage page graphic
We Offer 18 and 24 Month Construction Loans!
Need more than the standard 12 month construction term to have your new dream home built? We can help!
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log mortgage page graphic
No Interest Payments During Construction!
It makes building your dream home really affordable!
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Deltec Financial Services, LLC is a mortgage affiliate of American Home Bank, N.A.
and is no way associated with Deltec Financial and Trust Services
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Equal Opportunity Lender
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