Greg Ebersole
American Log Mortgage
Log & TimberFrame and American Home Bank Divisions
American Way Corporate Center
3840 Hempland Road
Mountville, PA 17554

Phone : 1-800-901-(LOGS)5647, Extension 6605
Fax : 717-285-6413
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American Log Mortgage
Div. of First National Bank of Chester County

Greg's Mission:
To help people buy, build, afford and enjoy the home of their dreams.

About Greg Ebersole:
Greg has helped over 300 families, buy, build, afford and enjoy the home of their dreams. Greg works with clients who are looking to construct, refinance or purchase the home of their dreams. Call Greg to start the process of buying, building or refinancing your DREAM HOME TODAY!

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Greg's Customer's Say
"Very good experience vs. some others I've had. "
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